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Here I will list all Pay-To-Click websites that I use and HAVE GOTTEN PAID! The amount of BitCoin you earn on each site for each click varies! To earn BitCoins, you may be viewing ads or watching videos. I highly recommended that you use the same bitcoin receiving address when visiting these sites. All of the website links or banners listed below have sent BitCoins to my wallet within 24 hours of clicking. If I have any comments on a particular site, I will enter my comments (inside here).
List updated and verified to be accurate, as of September 1, 2013.
  • (Best I've found! Check often throughout the day for great click-rates, PAYS DAILY!)
  • (Can earn BTC in a few days- moderate payout)
  • (Pays once you accrue a certain number of BTC. May take a week to earn a small amount)